Training calender

Benchstep LMS features a highly multi-functional and interactive all-in one calendar. This calendar is able to display events from the course, website users, groups, or user events, in addition to assignments as well as quiz dates, chat times and various other events in the course. It has a variety of features that this calendar can support, including the ability to add events.

Does it sound good? How will it benefit my students and teachers?

would probably the question that is popping in your mind. Then the answer to your question is below Benchstep LMS interactive calendar helps your teachers/facilitators share important upcoming dates with your learners. By looking on the calendar students know when submissions are due as well as when their next class will be and when they will be taking their next break in term, and when they must take their next test. All these things will help in completing the course in the organized way by reducing the risk of missing out the important dates and tasks to the minimum rate.

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