Learner Assessments

The term Assessment refers to the wide variety of tools or methods that trainers/educators use to measure, evaluate and record the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or other needs of users/learners.

Here at our LMS, The User has clearly and keenly been allowed to access various assessments throughout the course.

The details which are provided via this feature to the user are as follows :

  • Name of the Assessment.
  • A total number of attempts made by the user.
  • A maximum number of marks scored by the user.
  • A minimum number of marks scored by the user.
  • The recorded date and time of the last attempt.

This will help the course user to analyze how much he has understood from the course he has enrolled in. Simultaneously it is beneficial for the trainers to assess the level of understanding the users have. And the trainers would also be able to analyze their training methods, and training methods can be updated according to the need.

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