Dedicated Account

What is more better than having your own dedicated account at an eLearning platform that gives you full accessibility to use it at any time from anywhere. This feature does make you feel intrigued, right?

Yes, that is what Benchstep LMS is providing you with.

In the Benchstep LMS, you can create your own dedicated sub-domain or an Account on a Cloud server with full security and safety. Your dedicated account would be accessible to you at any time from anywhere. You will have the authorization as well to manage users and learners of your dedicated account hassle-free.

If you are a training course provider or an organization and worrying about how to make separate groups and accounts for each of the courses you provide, then you are at the right place. Benchstep LMS have the feature of making dedicated accounts for each of your course where you will be able to make groups of the users and learners handling them efficiently.

Making a dedicated account is as simple as making a general account in the LMS. Still, the benefits that you will be deriving from the dedicated account will take your courses on cloud 9 with effective and efficient delivery methods.

Be dedicated to standing out with your training by using our dedicated accounts for providing courses.

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