Course Management

When it comes to the learner's point of view, we understand that it is a difficult task not to lose your concentration and understand every concept that the trainer has taught and it can become boring sometimes!!!.

And yes, we understand the pain of trainers as well, when students are not concentrating and feeling bored even after giving your complete efforts. We are providing you with the solution to this problem. Benchstep LMS has the feature of course management, which has been designed to help learners deal with complex courses effectively and efficiently. The course can be managed through videos, images, graphics, and many interesting and unique ways.

“In learning, you will teach, and in remembering, we will help.”

We will help you design courses in such a way that it will help both the learners and trainers make the learning interesting and effective at the same time. You have to provide us with the course details, and we will help you manage it in the most effective manner reducing the majority of your burden. We aim to ease the learning and training process, then why are you still stressing about course management? Just come to us.

Course Management will help the users manage all the courses in one place, making it easy for them to access the course anytime and anywhere.

Course name and Category: Courses enrolled by the student will be divided and shown based on the category.

The user will be able to take action for the courses they have access to. With the help of the "Action" tool, the user will be able to.

Structure the course path

  • Categories: The trainer / faculty / course provider will have access to edit courses by choosing categories or subcategories. They can add any new course in a category by selecting "Add new category /subcategory".
  • Define Learning Path: This tool will help you to create the learning path for your learners. New units can be added to the learning path structure by clicking on "+" or selecting "Add new unit".
  • Settings: short bio, course name, course code, course beginning and ending date, access level and pricing.

Define Learning Path:

The course creator will create a learning path to make the course easy and understandable. Different components / units can be added to the learning path from the following formats.

  • Audio
  • Video
  • URL-Link
  • Image
  • Content
  • Presentation
  • Assignment
  • Assessment
  • Certificate
  • Meeting
  • Webinar
  • SCORM File

Enroll user:

Course creator will be able to manage the users and will have the access to enroll.

Manage Assessments:

In the Manage Assessments, the course creator will add /edit / Delete the assessments given to the students. The data relating to Course Name, Assessment Name, Due date of the Assessment, Questions given, Users, and summary and user-wise responses received from the users for the assessment.

Manage Assignment:

The Course creator will be able to manage assignments. To add the new assignment, click on "Add New Assignment." The new assignment details will come, where the course creator will add the Assignment Code, Assignment Name, Start and End date, Link of the assignment, and the number of users who have submitted.

Manage Feedback:

Here, the course creator will be able to manage the feedback given by the learners by adding or deleting. The course creator will get the data of Course name, Feedback name, Due date, Permalink, Questions asked by users, feedback response, and the enrolled users.


The course creator will be able to manage the certificates by creating it. Certificate can be provided on course completion, or after exams. Data related to the course duration, course provider, student name, and the background of certificates is completely managed by Course provider making it customized.

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