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Social Media In Education - A step towards Digital Learning :

  • 5 Jan, 2022
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Social media is both the wildest and most successful platform for information sharing. The growing popularity of social media is no secret because it is quickly and freely accessible to anyone interested. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others are among the most popular and widely used social media platforms in the world. These platforms allow users to access information and content posted on the internet without paying a cent. Social media has proven to be the most engaging aspect of today's youth's lives.

Social Media in Education : We see daily updates and evolution of social media platforms at regular intervals, however there is a divide of opinion among specialists and other educationalists when it comes to including the use of social media platforms in the education curriculum. Many people believe that these platforms are useless and that they would eventually weaken or worsen the educational system. On the other hand, if properly applied and utilised, it is capable of performing miracles and proving to be quite beneficial.

Does Social Media in Education Benefit? Let aside these never ending debates, here is the list of benefits that can be derived after the inculcation of social media platforms in Education :

  • Collaborative Learning: Collaborative learning is without a doubt the most important advantage or benefit that anyone may have on a social media platform. Learners are encouraged to cross geographical barriers and interact with people from all around the world. This gives them a wonderful learning opportunity as well as worldwide exposure.
  • Flexibility: Because social media platforms are not time-limited, users can access them from anywhere at any time, according to their needs and convenience.
  • Cost-Effective: Using social media platforms will not drain your bank account; rather, it is completely free. One can have unrestricted access to the vast amount of content available on the internet.
  • Digital Literacy: The promotion and instillation of social media platforms will aid in the improvement of digital literacy among individuals. They will be exposed to a variety of digital tools and approaches that will unquestionably benefit them in their objectives.
  • Expert’s advice and connectivity : The online community has its hands wide open for anyone who wishes to get his doubts clarified,You can avail access to various platforms which allows you to have a chat or post a question to experts regarding the issues you’re facing.
  • Sharing made easy: Nowadays, every kid owns a smartphone and is attracted to social media platforms. Apart from exchanging ideas and viewpoints, important information can also be shared quickly, encouraging a sharing culture.
  • Communication: Since social media promotes communication, people will be able to share their thoughts and ideas, bridging communication gaps and promoting better communication.
  • Information in abundance: The amount of data and information available on the internet is unimaginable. The browsing of the results may become boring, but the depth of information available will not.
  • Increased Student Participation: Learning can get frustrating at times, yet this "frustrating" learning must be completed. Adding a fun factor to studying can assist the learner avoid boredom and ensure their concentration, which will eventually lead to active engagement.
  • Promotes Distance Learning: Social media aids distance learning as well. For students who are unable to attend classes, social media is a lifeline. With the resources available online, a learner can access a variety of online classes and sessions at his leisure, without having to attend classroom sessions.

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