Intuitive course library

Undoubtedly, LMS has many features that enlighten its significance and make it such a successful platform. One of the very useful features that Benchstep LMS provides is the Intuitive Course Library. It’s something like an account in a bank, where we undoubtedly save all our requirements. This library helps you save your courses in one place, where the learner can easily find them, is well manageable, and keeps track of all your courses. This effective learning management system has been designed to showcase a list of courses that deliver in a convenient, engaging, and interactive style to explore the availability of information. The shared library is of great use that needs to embrace digital technologies to work smartly. Learners of any type can access the shared library to get their desired courses.

In the library feature, all the courses provided by the organization would be shown along with the reviews and ratings of each course. If the user is new and not have enrolled in the course, then the information of pricing of courses will also be available to the learner. And only if the user has enrolled, then he will get access to the course.

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